• 7th Grade Course Syllabus


    Course information     7th Grade Mathematics offered daily third and forth periods.

    Teacher contact information:

                Lorri O’Neill

                Arlee Jr. High School

                72220 Fyant Street

                Arlee, MT 59821

                Phone: (406) 726-3216 x 2403

                e-mail: loneill@arleeschools.org  

                Hours: 7:30 am—4:15 pm


    Course description/student learning objectives

                Students will gain a basic understanding of the following topics outlined in the course content as well as becoming better prepared for their 8th grade year.   


    Course content  

    •            Number System
    •            Proportional Relationships
    •            Percents
    •            Expressions and Equations
    •            Inequalities
    •            Triangles and angles
    •            Area and Circumference
    •            Surface Area
    •            Volume
    •            Statistics
    •            Probability

       Required materials          

    •              Scientific Calculator
    •              1”-1 1/2" - Three ring binder
    •              5 dividers
    •              Pencils --only work completed in pencil will be accepted
    •              Loose leaf paper
    •              Protractor/Compass
    •              Ruler  


    Class Notes  Notes are listed by date of lesson for new topics presented. No lesson material is attached due to copyright laws.  Student may get lesson materials from teacher. 


    7th Grade 3rd Period 


    7th Grade 4th Period



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