• Title I

    What is Title I?

    Title I is the largest federal assistance program for schools across the United States. The funds flow through the state office of public instruction and each district must submit an application for these funds.

    The funds are based on the numbers of students receiving free and reduced lunch. Arlee School District is a Title I district, meaning that all students in our public school are eligible to receive the benefits of Title I, even if they do not qualify themselves.

    What does Title I emphasize?

    Title I funding focuses on the following four categories:

    1) Reading and math improvement

    2) Support for teachers and paraprofessionals to improve their craft

    3) Graduation support

    4) Family and community engagement

    School administrators help create a plan for the funds based on what they know about their students, teachers, and families.

    What must the school provide?

    Each year, the school must provide funding and staffing for things like reading and math improvement, support for teachers and paraprofessionals to improve, graduation support, and family and community engagement. Some examples include

    • Updated reading and math curriculum
    • Parent nights/community events
    • Courses for teachers/paraprofessionals
    • School-home liaison
    • Help for homeless and foster students to meet their own needs

    How can parents contribute?

    Parents are a key part of kids’ success in school! YOU can contribute to the success of your child and the Title I program in many ways. Here are some examples:

    • Get your kids to school on time every day
    • Encourage positive behavior for learning
    • Help students accomplish work at home as needed
    • Attend parent-teacher conferences
Last Modified on August 29, 2019