• Recommended Books:

    Book:                                                                             Author:
    The Real All Americans                                                Sally Jenkins (a must read)
    Absolutely American                                                    David Lipsky
    Gods and Generals                                                        Jeff Shaara
    Last Full Measure                                                          Jeff Shaara
    The Killer Angels                                                           Michael Shaara
    The Survivors Club                                                        Ben Sherwood (a must read)
    A Patriot's History of the United States                           Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen (oustanding)
    From Sea to Shining Sea                                                Peter Marshall and David Manuel
    Light and the Glory                                                        Peter Marshall and David Manuel
    The Real George Washington                                         Jay A Parry
    The Real Benjamin Franklin                                            Jay A Parry
    The Real Thomas Jefferson                                             Jay A Parry
    The 5000 Year Leap                                                     W. Cleon Skousen            
    The Age of  the Unthinable                                             Jashua C. Ramo  
    American History in Black and White                                David Barton
    Life Together                                                                 Dietrich Bonhoeffer
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