• Course Descriptions
    • English II - Required
    This required course for sophomores teaches about features of literature and included novels, short stories, and poems. Students will also improve their reading skills, and will practice writing and speaking. We read To Kill A Mockingbird, Wind from an Enemy Sky, and others.
    • Journalism I/II - Grades 11-12 - Elective (not offered 2018-2019

    This journalism production class starts with the fundamentals of journalism, including ethics and legal issues. Then students create the weekly Jocko newspaper, rotating news beats and writing investigative stories. The Journalism II students function as the editorial staff.

    • Dual Enrollment WRIT 101 - Grade 12 - Elective (1-semester course paired with Speech) (Taught by Ryan Landolfi)
    This course directly prepares students for college-level composition. Students write expository, personal, literary analysis, persuasive, and research papers; they learn the intricacies of proper documentation in MLA format. The English department's most challenging course, CPW is a must for any senior planning to attend college.
    DUAL ENROLLMENT OPTION: This course is offered in conjunction with Flathead Valley Community College. To take the course, students must first earn at least a 19 on the ACT writing composite. Students enrolled for dual credit may receive 3 university credits and complete the required course, WRIT 101. Lower than a "C" grade in this course will result in entering the University of Montana on academic probation. Students must pay for the credits. ***Optional for Honors Diploma
    • Speech - Grade 12 - Elective (1-semester course paired with Dual Enrollment WRIT 101) (Taught by Ryan Landolfi) ***Optional for Honors Diploma
    Students in Speech class will learn the fundamentals of public speaking; they learn the components of an expository, biographical, autobiographical, demonstration, and persuasive speech as well as a modified Lincoln-Douglas debate. They also learn delivery techniques and strategies for coping with stage fright.
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