• Yearly Action Plans and Correlate Goals

    2011-2012 Yearly Action Plans by Grade Level
    Yearly Action Plan – Each year of the five-year cycle districts and schools will develop and implement a yearly action plan that systematically moves those districts and schools toward accomplishing the five-year plan. The plan provides a set of specific goals for the coming year that include measurable objectives, identified strategies to meet the objectives, any needed professional development to support those strategies and a summary of the resources required.

    Montana Correlates

    Correlate Aim

    A.      Academic Performance



    The school develops and implements a curriculum that is rigorous, intentional, and aligned to state standards

    Classroom Evaluation/Assessment

    The school utilizes multiple evaluation and assessment strategies to continuously monitor and modify instruction to meet student needs and support proficient student work


    The school’s instructional program actively engages all students by using effective, varied, and research-based practices to improve student academic performance

    B.       Learning Environment


    School Climate

    The school/district functions as an effective learning community and supports a climate conductive to performance excellence

    Student, Family and Community Support

    The school/district works with families and community groups to remove barriers to learning in an effort to meet the intellectual, social, career, and developmental needs of students.

    Professional Growth, Development and Evaluation

    The school/district provides research-based, results driven professional development opportunities for staff and implements performance evaluation procedures in order to improve teaching and learning.

    C.       Efficiency



    School/district instructional decisions focus on support for teaching and learning, organizational directional, high performance expectation, creating a learning culture and developing leadership capacity.

    Organizational Structure and Resources

    The organization of the school/district maximizes use of time, all available space and other resources to maximize teaching and learning and supports high student and staff performance.

    Comprehensive and Effective Planning

    The school/district develops, implements, and evaluates a comprehensive school improvement plan that communicates a clear purpose, direction, and action plan focused on teaching and learning.

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