• Required Classes for Arlee High

    Freshman                                                                            Sophomores
     English I                                                                               English II
     PE                                                                                        PE

     Math                                                                                    Math

     Computer Ed. /Home Ec. / Woods                                       Biology

     Earth Science

     World History or Am. Indian History or Montana History


    Juniors                                                                                  Seniors

    US History                                                                              English IV

    Math                                                                                       Government

    Consumer Economics
    English III
    You need to have met all requirments of classes and have at least 24 credits to graduate from Arlee High School.
    4 credits of English.

    3 credits of Math.

    3 credits of Social Studies. World History/Am. Indian History, US Government, and Government.

    3 credits of Science. Earth Science and Biology required

    2 credits of P.E.

    Electives 6 credits: Arlee: .5 cr. Computer Ed., .5 in Voc. Ed. And 1 cr. Consumer Economics
Last Modified on November 24, 2014