• Required Classes for Arlee High

    Freshman                                                                            Sophomores
     English I                                                                               English II
     PE                                                                                        PE

     Math                                                                                    Math

     Computer Ed. /Home Ec. / Woods                                       Biology

     Earth Science

     World History or Am. Indian History or Montana History


    Juniors                                                                                  Seniors

    US History                                                                              English IV

    Math                                                                                       Government

    Consumer Economics/JMG
    English III
    You need to have met all requirments of classes and have at least 24 credits to graduate from Arlee High School.
    4 credits of English.

    3 credits of Math.

    3 credits of Social Studies. World History/Am. Indian History, US Government, and Government.

    3 credits of Science. Earth Science and Biology required

    2 credits of P.E.

    Electives 6.0 credits,

    .5 cr. Computer Education

    .5 in Voc. Ed. and

    .50  Consumer Economics

    .50 JMG

Last Modified on August 28, 2019