Junior High Family& Consumer Sciences


    Montana Cluster                           FoundationKnowledge and Skills, Environmental                                                                                             &Agricultural Systems, Industrial, Manufacturing                     

    Prerequisite                                                                                   None

    *Notes                                                                                                                 Grades7 & 8

    Duration/Credit                                                                            1Quarter

    Units ofstudy


    Seventh and Eighth Gradeincludes the following, see the outline for the actual development and subjectstudied.  This course is the basis forskill building for the Vocational Classes.


            Unit 1 (duration) 2 days

                            Introduction to familyand consumer sciences


            Unit 2 (duration) 3 weeks

                                    Textiles& Apparel

                    Unit 3 (duration) 3weeks

                                    Nutrition& Wellness


                    Unit 4 (duration)2 weeks





                    Completionof work during each unit


    §  ClothingFashion, Fabrics & Construction textbook

    §  DiscoveringFood and Nutrition textbook

    §  MCIS,and Gear Up resources



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