• Introduction toFamily & Consumer Sciences


    Montana Cluster               HumanServices & Resources, Industrial, Manufacturing & Engineering Systems,& Environmental & Agricultural Systems

    Prerequisite                                                                                   None

    *Notes                                                                                                                 Freshman

    Duration                                                                                           1Semester

    Units of study

                    Unit1 (duration) 2 weeks

    Personal Development (goalsetting, direction, belief, discipline)


                    Unit2 (duration) 4.5 weeks

    Early Childhood Development(conception to age two)


                    Unit3 (duration) 7 weeks

    Food & Natural Resources(food preparation, nutrition, shopping skills)


                    Unit4 (duration) 4.5 weeks

    Architecture design in Housingand Home Furnishing (house plan using math skills and computer aided design.




                    Completion of assigned work duringeach unit


    § Nutrition & Wellness  textbook

    § Homes Today & Tomorrow textbook

    § The Developing Child textbook

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