Textile Design


    MontanaCluster                           Business& Management, Industrial, Manufacturing & Engineering Systems,Communication & Information Systems                                                   

    Prerequisite                                                                                   None

    *Notes                                                                                                                 Grades9, 10, 11, & 12                                    

    Duration/Credit                                                                            1year

    Units of study

                    Unit1 (duration) 9 weeks

                                    Designprinciples with relationship to science and technology


                    Unit2 (duration) 9 weeks

                                    Designprinciples with relationship to mathematics


                    Unit3 (duration) 9 weeks

                                    Advancedconstruction skills

                                    Entrepreneurshipand Home Based Businesses


                    Unit4 (duration) 9 weeks

                                    Individualproject of advanced Textile Design



                    Completionof assigned work during each unit


    ·        Clothing Fashion, Fabrics, & Constructiontextbook

    ·        Design by Color & Design by Accident

    ·        FACS by Numbers

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