7th period               



    Completion of Algebra 2 and must have earned a “B” average in previously completed high school science courses or consent of instructor.


    Physics is the study of matter and energy and their relationships. It uses a small number of basic concepts, equations and assumptions to describe all the things around us. In this course we will cover linear motion, circular motion, momentum, waves, and relativity. A strong background in mathematics is essential to being successful in this class. Students will be performing a variety of experiments and projects along with lectures and problem solving.

    Teacher Contact

    Phone: 406-726-3216 ext. 2320

    Email: bstockton@arleeschools.org

    Required Materials

    Computer, pen, pencil, calculator, loose paper, & 2” 3 Ring Binder

    Grading Policy

    Grades will be calculated using the following breakdown:

    50% Tests and Quizzes:

    Tests and quizzes will be based on the assignments and readings from the previous unit.  It is important that you study for these assessments.

    50% Weekly Work:

    Homework is a valuable tool to help you understand new concepts.   Reading and watching class materials, working on lab reports, and doing your daily assignments are the most important things you can do to facilitate your learning. Watching posted videos, participating in classroom discussions, etc… all will be included in this grade.



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