• Program of Work

  •    Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) work to provide opportunities for members to work on personal growth, leadership development, community service, and fundraising. The Arlee Chapter of FCCLA work on a variety of these opportunities throughout the school year and summer in local, state, and national community service, leadership, and fundraising events. We have several annual community service and fundraising events and we are always coming up with new opportunities for community service, fundraising, leadership development, and personal growth every day.
  • Local:

       Our Local Arlee FCCLA Chapter discusses and chooses several community service projects yearly to work towards helping our community members and community as a whole. In our monthly meetings we discuss new ideas and our chapter executive members plan many of the projects.
    To view our chapter executive members go to our Chapter Leadership page. 
  • State:

       Montana FCCLA establishes a statewide project each year called the State Outreach Project (SOP). Montana FCCLA partners with the SOP organization to work together towards a common cause and reach out to the communities of Montana. The SOP is discussed and chosen by the State Executive Council (SEC) members along with other Montana FCCLA staff members to equally represent all corners of Montana FCCLA in a common cause to work towards (State Outreach Project).
       Visit the Montana FCCLA State Outreach Project webpage to learn more about this year's SOP.
  • National:

       National FCCLA creates a National Outreach Project (NOP) to work toward a nationwide cause with a partner organization. The NOP is discussed and presented to FCCLA by the National Executive Council (NEC) members and other FCCLA staff members. The NOP's goals are to work on a common cause to help all communities across America and affiliated countries (National Outreach Project Overview).
    Visit the National FCCLA National Outreach Project webpage to learn more about this year's NOP.
  • Christmas Basket
  • No Kid Hungry
  • Share Our Strength
Last Modified on February 1, 2014