• Promotion of Family and Consumer Sciences

  •    Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) helps link students' skills to their futures in families, careers, and communities through activities; these activities help students plan for the future (Career Connection). The importance of family, career, and community readiness is essential in our Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) classes and FCCLA club. Family, career, and community oriented activities can be found implemented in many of our FCS classes.
    Advanced Consumer Economics classes learn year-long culinary skills for a final event on sandwich art. These sandwiches are created using many FCCLA culinary standards and are presented to outside judges to be scored using FCCLA standards.
    Interior Design  
    Finished Product
  • Sandwich
    Intermediate Consumer Sciences classes have several units focused on FCS and many FCCLA project components. In the Intermediate Consumer Sciences Interior Design unit students use standards for Recycle and Redesign STAR Events to refurbish furniture.  
Last Modified on January 31, 2014