• Competitive Events

  •     Competitive Events give members the opportunities to develop skills for life and to expand their leadership skills; demonstrating family and consumer sciences, career, and interpersonal skills through competitive events such as:

    • STAR Events

       (Students Taking Action with Recognition): Events aimed to recognize members for participation in chapter and individual projects. Visit the STAR Event Resources page on the National FCCLA website for the planning process template and other general STAR Event resources.

    • Family and Consumer Sciences Knowledge Bowl

       A team competition comprised of three levels of competition challenging members of FCCLA on Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) knowledge.
       Taking place at National Cluster Meetings, these events give members the opportunities to demonstrate college and career-readiness in FCS and related careers.
       Students use their creativity to express FCCLA spirit, contests are announced on the National FCCLA website when available.


  • This year Kassidy and Bryndle, two of our Freshman members have been hard at work for their STAR Event, Focus on Children!
    Here is an article they have written explaining and advocating their project and efforts.
    Great job girls!


    Artfor a Better Start

    By:Kassidy Rubel and Bryndle Goyins

                For the past few monthsBryndle and I have been working to learn just how important art programs arefor kids in the elementary grades. We wanted to show our community that insteadof making cuts in our art programs, we should be investing in them. Afterresearching the effects art has on children, I have realized that art programsfor the children of this community could better their futures in so many ways.

                Studieshave shown that young people who participate in the arts are four times morelikely to be recognized for academic achievement, such as winning an award forwriting an essay/poem or participating in a science or math competition. Thesestudies have also shown that kids who participate in an art program regularly areable to focus in their other classes better than when they are not part of anart program. These facts prove that art classes in schools are of very highimportance; they could be the very thing that makes a difference in a child’seducation.

                Artalso lets each individual child express themselves uniquely. The ability tocreate art expands a young persons’ ability to interact with the world aroundthem, and helps to give them the tools for self-expression. Mary Ann F. Khol,an Arts Educator and Child Development Specialist, states, “Art matters thesame way language matters – or the way breathing matters! It is a fundamentalcomponent of what makes us uniquely human.” Art gives us, as humans, a chanceto express feelings and thoughts that we wouldn’t know how else to express.

                Wheninterviewing Mrs. South, the Arlee Schools Art Teacher, we asked if she eversaw a change in attitude or behavior when teaching her classes. She said, “Theyare happy to have the freedom to make their own decisions. They have a groupenergy when they are working together.” Bryndle and I, when teaching our artclasses with the third graders this February, saw that the kids were socreative in different ways. In other classes, children are forced to do thesame thing as everyone else during their lessons. Having art gives the thirdgraders a chance to create their own ideas. They are able to express theirindividual creativity.

                Afterdoing research, and teaching the third graders, Bryndle and I have realizedthat art might just be as important as any other class in the elementary. Wesincerely think that making cuts in the art programs may be the wrong way togo. The benefits that are offered by art may be the difference and change weneed in schools. We want children to know it’s just as important to expresstheir own ideas as it is to get a perfect score on a spelling test. What ourcommunity needs is more art programs, not less.         






  •    Visit the Montana FCCLA Documents and Forms page for the Montana Competitive Events Manual, located under FCCLA Competitive Events. The Montana Competitive Events Manual lists all available Competitive Events available to Montana FCCLA members for the upcoming State Leadership Conference.
       Visit the Competitive Events page on the National Website for information on All Competitive Events offered at the National Level.
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