• AHS Pre-Calculus Course Syllabus


    Course information

                Full year course offered 6th period

                Designed for students planning to take Calculus in High School or College


    Course prerequisites and/or grade level or other restrictions

                Successfully completed Algebra 2 and Geometry


    Teacher contact information

                Bonnie White                                                  Prep 4th period 

                Phone: 726-3216 ext. 2319                                E-mail: bwhite@arleeschools.org


    Course description/student learning objectives – Montana Common Core Math Standards


                 Unit 1 – Relations, Functions, and Graphs – N-RN, N-Q, N-VM, A-SSE, A-APR, A-CED,

                                                                                           A-REI, F-IF, F-BF, F-LE, S-ID

                            Linear Relations and Functions (Chapter 1)

                            Systems of Equations and Inequalities (Chapter 2)

                            The Nature of Graphs (Chapter 3)

                            Polynomial and Rational Functions (Chapter 4)


                Unit 2 – Trigonometry – N-Q, N-VM, F-TF, G-CO, G-SRT, G-C, G-GPE


                            The Trigonometric Functions (Chapter 5)

                            Graphs and Inverses of the Trigonometric Functions (Chapter 6)



                Unit 3 –Advanced Functions and Graphing – N-RN, N-CN, A-SSE, F-IF, F-LE


                            Vectors and Parametric Equations (Chapter 8)
                            Exponential and Logarithmic Functions (Chapter 11)


                 Unit 4 – Intro to Calculus – F-IF, F-BF, F-LE


                            Limits (Chapter 17)

                            Derivatives (Chapter 17)

                            Integrals (Chapter 17)



    Required textbooks and materials;

                Pre-Calculus textbook

               Composition graphing paper notebooks

                3 ring Binder

                Pencil or Mechanical pencil preferred (If pens are used, they must be blue or black ink)

                Graphing Calculator - TI-84plus or higher (many problems will require a graphing calculator)

                Chrome book



    Grading policy

    The grading scale is posted in the student handbook. A student will pass with a grade of at least a D-. 

    A+  100              B+  87-89             C+  77-79             D+ 67-69             F 59 & below
    A     94-96          B    84-86             C    74-76             D   64-66
    A-   90-93          B-   80-83             C-  70-73             D-  60-63 
    The grades will be calculated by the following percentages:  Tests 30%, Quizzes 20%, Projects 20%, Homework 20%, and Daily Participation 10%.



    Late Work Policy

    The policy regarding late work is as follows: all late work will be recorded as half credit.  Late work during the week will be accepted no later than the following Monday.  After that the work will be counted as a zero. 

    According to the Arlee High School student handbook, if work is assigned on a day when a student is absent (excused), the student will have that day plus a day to make up the work without penalty. If the assignment is given before the student is absent, the work is due on its normal due date as long as the student is present that day. Students do not receive extra days to turn in work they knew about prior to an absence.


    Student Expectations Professionalism and Conduct

    Students are expected to behave responsibly and respectfully and to take their learning seriously. All students will arrive to class on time and prepared with their materials.  This includes their chromebooks being fully charged the night before. Personal digital devices are NOT allowed in the classroom.

    Students will have 4 hall passes each semester to be used at their discretion.  If they have unused hall passes at the end of the semester they may turn those in for 5 extra credit points each.

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