• Mrs. White’s Grading Policies

    Homework Assignments

    As you already know, the study of mathematics requires lots of practice. What that means for you is this – homework problems to practice on every night! Here are the homework policies:


    • All homework assignments will be written down on your graphing notebook in the top right corner as they are assigned each day.  Each assignment is due the following day and will receive a completion grade. Assignments without work shown will only be given half credit. Late or incomplete homework is only given half credit. Late and missing homework assignments hurt your overall grade and, if they build up, lead to a school consequence and parent contact. (3 missing assignments is the limit).
    • All homework assignments are self graded. The purpose of this grading is for self assessment – did you understand the skill enough or do you need to ask more questions or come in for help? Even if you are absent, you are responsible for coming in and grading your assignments and recording the score on your homework accuracy log. Honesty in grading is expected of all students.
    • Please establish a quiet, uncluttered space to do homework. Try every question to the best of your ability, but use question marks to indicate problems that you need help with and ask the next day. Set up a schedule to get it done each night, without having to stay up too late. Work on your own, asking for help only when needed. Check out the resource websites on class webpage for help or come see me for help whenever you need it. 
    • Homework assignments are all kept in your spiral graph paper notebook (never torn out) behind the corresponding chapter notes. Do NOT throw any assignments away as they may be needed for a random homework quiz, a random notebook check, study guides for tests, or sometimes you are even allowed to use them on a quiz!



    Quizzes and Tests

    Weekly quizzes are used to help me (and you!) see what you are (and are not!) understanding. These quizzes cover everything since the previous quiz, with some spiral review included. You should develop a routine of studying before each of the weekly quizzes and seeking help before school, at lunch or after school if needed. Plan to get help before you have a quiz. If your quiz scores are low, you should come get help as soon as possible, as everything in math builds upon previous skills. You will have two semester finals this year – one half-way through and one at the end of the year.Weekly quizzes are usually on Thursdays and are always announced.



    If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get and complete the assignments given during your absence. You will be given two days for every day missed to make up homework for full credit. If you know in advance that you will be missing class, please give me several days notice to get your assignments to you before you leave. These assignments are due when you return or they will be considered late. 

Last Modified on July 28, 2017