• The  After School Tutoring Program is offered to  2nd - 6th grade students.  Tutoring is designed to strengthen basic math and reading skills and to assist students with homework assignments.  We will be offering tutoring on Monday thru Thursday starting promptly after school at 4:00pm - 5:15pm in the 4-6 grade building. It is important to have rides arranged ahead of time to save confusion after tutoring.  Your child will receive a snack and some physical activity during each tutoring session.

    You may choose one, two, three or four days of tutoring depending upon your child’s needs and/or schedule.  We need to have students come on the nights they are signed up to be there.  Anytime there is a change in plans, we ask that you call or send a note to let us know about the change.  If students are not being picked up, we need a note to confirm their plans. For example, my child will be walking to the Community Center or grandma’s house.  Please have that permission dated in order to insure student safety.

    Tutors for the 2010-11 year include: Ms. Anne Tanner (Title I teacher), Ms. Heather Schneiter (5th Grade Teacher), Ms. Sib Malee-Ligas (2nd Grade Teacher) and Mr. Shawn Orr (Indian Studies Teacher).

Last Modified on April 13, 2011