• Welcome to Arlee High School Cross Country 2020!
    Practice Information: 
    Practice is well underway for the season. We meet after school everyday in front of the High School.
    Runners must participate in at least 10 Cross Country practices before they are allowed to travel with the team to races.
    Safety Precautions at Practice:
    • We will avoid being indoors and will meet outside the High School doors for each practice.
    • Masks are encouraged at the beginning and end of practice, but not while we run as long as runners are careful.
    • Runners absolutely must social distance at all times during practice (at least 6 feet apart.)
    • Avoid spitting while running.
    • Do not share food/drinks/clothes with other runners.
    • Do not attend school/practice if your feel sick or fevered.
    Upcoming Meet Information: 
      Our next race is the Mission Invitational this Tuesday, September 29th. Please request your school work from your teachers because we will be missing most of the school day. You will be excused from your class at 9:15 so that you can change out and get on the bus. We should be leaving Arlee High School at 9:30 AM. School sack lunches will be provided. The course has always been fast, but it might look a bit different due to COVID rules. Here is the order of events:
    • 11:00 - High School Girls (2 waves)
    • 11:45 - High School Boys (2 waves)
    • Break
    • 1:00 - Middle School Girls (3 waves)
    • 1:45 - Middle School Boys (3 waves)

     Each runner is allowed to have 2 family members view the meet but, as always, they must spread out along the course, wear masks, and avoid the starting/finish line. We should be returning to school around 2:30 so the school day will be pretty much over with. 

    *A quick notice - This year's State meet has been split into two days. The Class B race - which Arlee runs - will now be held on Friday, October 23rd.

    Safety Precautions at Meets:
    • Teams will be separated into individual areas at the beginning of meets. From there they will be called to the starting line in small groups.
    • Runners will keep their masks on at the starting line until the race starts.
    • Runners do not need matching masks, but all masks must be one solid color - no patterns.
    • Runners must stay at least 6 feet away from other runners during races. As soon as you finish the race you must go straight to your team’s area or bus.
    • Bystanders must also social distance while viewing races, and are not allowed to linger near the starting/finish lines.
    Team Activities:  
    We generally participate in the homecoming parade and have end of the year activities. We'll see how things work out this year.
    Please e-mail me with any questions. Thanks,
    Brett Sproull
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