Superintendent Mike Perry

Dear Parents, Community Members, Staff and Students:

I know that I often complain to my wife when I see certain television shows and how
they portray principals and teachers. It is so easy to use a stereotype when discussing
various individuals and their occupations. If I were to say police officer, what is the first
thing that comes to mind, how about if I say lawyer or politician? I watch the political
commercials at this time of year and it so often involves talking bad about the opponent
and very little time is spent on the positive attributes that an individual is going to bring
to the office. I appreciate the true care that each of the Arlee employees show for our
students. There is far too much negative in the world today and it is spread too quickly
with today’s social media. We need to keep the focus on how our positive actions can
influence all those around us. We may not realize the impact on another but it can be
life saving. We appreciate every day that you entrust your students to us and want you
to know of our love and concern for each and every child. William Temple, who served
as the Archbishop of Canterbury during WWII and worked tirelessly to fight persecution
at that time, once said; ‘The most influential of all educational factors is the conversation
in a child’s home’. We encourage each of you to come participate in our conferences
this next month so that we may join forces in creating the best education possible here
in Arlee.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at 726-3216.

Superintendent Mike Perry, Ed.D.