Homecoming Royalty

by Halle Adams  

Arlee Homecoming 2020 celebrated the crowning of Colt Crawford and Halle Adams as this years’ king and queen. Homecoming 2020 is an event to be remembered as many schools nationwide started the academic year with much uncertainty; many schools did not get to celebrate homecoming.  Adams stated, “It was a shock that I was queen, but I was very honored.”  Newly elected King Crawford commented, “I was happy and excited to win, even honored to be nominated.”  Crawford also served as the football captain at the homecoming game. 

     Not only did Arlee get to have a homecoming, but last years’ King Cody Tanner and Queen Emily Fiddler were able to be present and crown the incoming royalty. 

     In addition to the sporting events, AHS was able to still put together some fun, spirited activities.  Tuesday was Career Day, where students and staff dressed in outfits that represented their future career or, in some cases, their wishful career. On Wednesday there was a mix up where students dressed as their favorite teacher and teachers dressed up as students.  Then on Thursday it was the original red & white day. 

   The 2020 Arlee Homecoming candidates were Mia Arlee and Sam Philips, elected by the freshman class,  Halle Adams and Tom Tanner, for sophomore class,  Sara Schall and Colt Crawford, were the junior class selections, and Shannon Haworth and Micah Johnson were chosen by the senior class.