=ARLEE HIGH SCHOOL=              

                                                    Third Period - Thurs., June 8,  2023                                                  

Lunch Today:    Pork Riblet Sandwich, Coleslaw, Chips, Strawberries

Substitutes Today:  None.  Kim Folden is out today.

Have a wonderful summer break!  We’ll see you back here on August 23rd.

Message from Val:  I will not be with you next year as I am retiring.  It was a tough decision as I love my job!  I just need to see my kids and grandkids a whole lot more as they have all moved away from Arlee.   I will miss all of you so much.  The last 34 years I have seen many many kids come and go.  Each of you are special to me.  I hope to see you around, as I don’t plan to move away right now, and I will come back and sub for Jamie once in awhile.  Please welcome Ms. Jamie Rice as your new HS secretary next school year!  My job has been a great experience, and I will forever hold you all dear to my heart!

When your 7th period Final exam ends today at 10:00 AM, all students may head to the softball field for a chance to beat your teachers in a rousing game of softball!  If you choose not to play, you will stay here in Ms. White’s room.  You may not be in the hallways, only in that classroom. Lunch is one hour today and your check out times will start at 1:30 PM.  At this time the Freshmen will report to Jackson’s room, the Sophomores to Lando’s room and the Juniors to Delaney’s room to pick up your check out sheets.

Everyone will need to pay any fees that are owed TODAY before you will be able to check out of school on Thursday.  This includes shop fees and unpaid activity fees and money owed for fundraisers.  

TODAY's Final test will be given for period 7

Items need to be returned to the library before final check out.  If lost, contact Mrs. Baldwin about the fee.  For those with no outstanding books to return, final check out for books will be May 25.

Please return chargers borrowed from the office ASAP:  AhLeeNah, Chrome,  Darius, Joe, Donovan, Hiram B., Kailee,  Leah, Julie, Mylie, Brody

The following people need to bring in money ASAP for chocolate bars they are selling:    Ben $24, Michaela $60, TaiLee $60

2023 Yearbooks are now for sale for $45 each.  You may order online at  http://www.yearbookforever.com/.

We also have lots of yearbooks from last school year for sale.  They are $45.  See Val if you’d like to purchase one.   

TODAY- Period 7 Final test today
TODAY – Last day of school this year!  3:45 PM release time.
Thurs., June 22 – Principals’ & Secretaries’ Offices close for the summer