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Have a wonderful summer and see you back on August 24, 2022!

Mrs. Brister’s Third Grade:

Student Supply List 2022-2023

● 1 Inch Binder (no larger please)

with clear cover to insert a page in the front

 ● Fine Point Colored Markers and/or Colored Pencils

● 2 Glue Sticks

● Scissors

● 3 containers of disinfecting wipes (e.g. Clorox Wipes)

● 1 box of tissues

3 or more packs of Ticonderoga Dixon #2 pencils

● 1 wide ruled notebook

● 1 pack different colored highlighters- fine tip

● 2 black fine tip dry erase markers

● 1 backpack/book bag with student name

● 1 pair gym shoes (don’t have to be new, just clean - they stay at school)

~Please do not buy small pencil sharpeners or pencil top erasers!~

Thank you for your continued support. 

Student Supply List

3rd Grade: Pier

#2 Pencils, Pre-sharpened if possible

Mechanical pencils & lead (if they like these)

Pencil top erasers

1 box of Large Pink Pearl Erasers

4 glue sticks

1 bottle of white glue (no glitter or colored)

2 boxes of tissue

3 containers of Clorox wipes

1 set of headphones (not earbud type)

1 package of colored pencils

1 package of fine tip markers

2 thin highlighters

3 fine tip black dry erase markers

1 Composition Notebook (NO SPIRAL BOUND)

1 package multi colored tissue paper

1 pair of clean soled tennis shoes for P.E.

Grade 4 School Supplies

1 backpack/bookbag with child’s name, must come to school every day

30 #2 pencils

1 large pink eraser

1 pair scissors with pointed tip

1 two-inch three-ring binder

1 box colored pencils, crayons, or markers

1 pack dry erase markers

5 glue sticks

1 pencil case

1 box tissues

2 spiral notebooks (70-page count, college or wide ruled)

Gym shoes (do not have to be new, just clean)

2 packs loose leaf notebook paper (college or wide ruled)

1 box snacks

1 container disinfectant wipes (e.g., Clorox Wipes)

1 folder with pockets

Optional: highlighters

Optional: 1 pack 3x5 index cards

Optional: 1 ruler

5th/6th grade supply list

3 composition books

3- three subject spiral notebooks

2 packs college ruled loose leaf paper

4- two pocket folder

24 Ticonderoga pencils

Colored pencils



3 glue sticks

1 pack pencil top erasers

Pencil box or bag for supplies

Disinfecting wipes

2 boxes kleenex

Sealable water bottle

PE shoes (clean soles, don’t need to be new)

Backpack or bag