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March 2021

Superintendent’s Letter

Dear Parents and Community Members,

I can hardly believe as I look out the window and watch the snow fall that spring is almost here.  How do I define spring in public education?  It is the beginning of spring sports, testing time, and the legislative session.  What a great time to be involved in education as we strive to prepare our students for careers that don’t even exist right now. I believe that things happen for a reason and are usually for our benefit although it may not be apparent at the time.  I was recently reading in a book by Leonard Mlodinow about a man who won the Spanish national lottery a few years ago. His ticket ended in the number 48. Proud of his accomplishment, he revealed the theory that brought him the influx of money. “I dreamed of the number 7 for seven straight nights,” he said, “and 7 times 7 is 48.” I am sure that as some of you do the math in your head you will discover that his dream had very little to do with his winning of the lottery.  I wonder what he thought after someone pointed out to him, the error of his ways. He was proud of his effort and the result and I doubt that his mathematical error had any impact on the rest of his life.  As we head into testing time, remember that the goal is for our students to become lifelong learners, not expert test takers.  I truly love my job.  What a wonderful opportunity to work with fantastic staff, terrific students, and a very supportive community. Let’s look forward to the renewing feeling that spring brings to each of us and truly appreciate what we all have.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at 726-3216.


Mike Perry, Ed.D


Elementary News

Hello All - 

Arlee Elementary has just wrapped up our 2nd trimester.  The 3rd and final trimester starts March 1st.  This school year has certainly been a rollercoaster ride.  I can not thank you all enough for your kindness and patience as we tried to provide the best education possible during this pandemic.

The week of March 1st-5th is Dr. Seuss Week.  Please help us celebrate!  

Monday:  Wear many different colors

Tuesday: Wear your favorite hat

Wednesday: Wear silly or mismatched socks

Thursday:  Wear animal print

Friday:  Wear read and white

We have concluded our 2nd round of MAP testing.  I am pleased to see the growth in our students.  We will have the final round of MAP testing for this year at the end of April.  I am amazed by how resilient our students and staff are!  We continue to make strong academic growth!  

We are moving out of the snow season and into mud season.  As things continue to thaw out our playground tends to get a bit sloppy.  Please continue to send your child with a pair of boots so they won’t ruin their good shoes.  

We have Friday school on March 5th. Please do not forget that we have Spring Break April 5-9! 

Toward the end of March we will be conducting parent teacher conferences.  We are going to continue to do conferences virtually this year.  Your student’s teacher will contact you for specific dates and times.  

Happy Spring!  I can’t wait to start hearing the crack of the bats as softball and baseball season is just around the corner.   

  • Principal Anne Tanner

Board of Trustees News

Arlee School Board of Trustees: In May 2021, the Arlee School Board of Trustees will have one open position for a three year term. Filing of the Declaration of Intent and Oath of Candidacy opens on December 10, 2020 and closes on March 25, 2021. The Declaration can be found on the Arlee School District website at under School Board/Election Forms. The Declaration can be turned into Lonnie Morin at the Administration Building on the Arlee Campus or to the Lake County Elections Office in Polson. Elections will be held by Mail Ballot again this year. If you have any questions please contact Lonnie Morin at 406-830-8180.  Thank you to all who have served on the Board to date, your service is greatly appreciated.

Celebrate Dr. Seuss Week! Related image

Mar. 1st -5th  

Monday 3/1: “My Many Colored Days”

*Wear many different colors.

Tuesday 3/2: “500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins”

*Wear your favorite hat.

Wednesday 3/3: “Fox in Socks”

*Wear silly or mismatched socks.

Thursday 3/4: “If I Ran The Zoo”

*Wear animal print.

Friday 3/5: “Cat In The Hat”

*Wear red and white.

See you in the LIBRARY!

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Junior High/High School News

Dear Arlee Parents and Guardians - 

Welcome to March, everyone! Can you believe that we will finish our third block of learning this month? Please check up on your child’s grades and reach out if you feel they need additional help and we will find time to assist them. 

Winter sports have concluded. Spring sports practice will start March 15th. Please encourage your child to be a part of a sport or club. Did you know that we have an Archery Club? If not, it will be starting again this month. We will provide the bows and arrows! 

The weather is starting to warm up. All of us that have been in Montana for years understand that any nice spring day can end with a blizzard. Please be checking that your kids are dressed appropriately for the weather. Layers are key. 

Finally, I just want to say thank you again for all of your support. I have had more parent contact this last quarter than any other. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me. Those conversations are crucial to finding solutions when problems arise.  

Important dates this month:

  • End of the 3rd quarter is March 18th.

  • Spring sports practice start March 15th

  • Parent Teacher Virtual Conferences

    • March 16th through March 25th


As always, Val, Jamie and I are here for any questions or concerns.  Please call us at 726-3216 (ext. 2404 for Jamie, ext. 2301 Val or ext. 2300 Mr. Beckham). We are here to help!

Stay healthy and safe!

Mr. Beckham

National Honor Society News

The Arlee National Honor Society is hosting an American Red Cross Blood Drive at Arlee HS (old gym) March 30th from 10am - 3pm!  Sign up today at Arlee High School or email Mrs. Bonnie White at to reserve your scheduled donation time!  Donation appointment times will be longer this year as COVID safety procedures will be in effect to keep everyone safe and healthy. Please help us give in this time of need! 

Counselor Corner - ACT Season for HS Juniors 

Junior parents/guardians: Juniors will be taking the ACT test on Tuesday, March 23. They will need to report to the Brown Building at 7:30 am. Breakfast will be served! 

AHS Yearbooks

2020-21 Warrior Yearbooks are on sale now


First Come, First Served!

Books will be delivered sometime end of May