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April 2021

Superintendent’s Letter

Dear Parents and Community Members,

I have been reading a new book regarding the next great frontier…..the brain. Large technology companies are reinventing themselves to learn more about the human brain. You can see the progress of this in many areas, including athletics. Athletes today take concussion tests. NFL players are frequently monitored for concussions and the impact on their brains. The impact of brain research can also be seen by Google’s latest inventions in their car that drives itself. And after 300,000 miles of traffic, the only accident is one where the car was hit from behind. Google has also developed computer glasses, where the screen is manipulated by the eye. 

An area that has a major effect on your children’s academics and welfare are the recent studies that have shown around the world, children get an hour less sleep than they did 30 years ago. The cost of this is lower IQ points, emotional well-being, ADHD, and obesity. Only 5% of high school seniors average eight hours of sleep. It is not uncommon to visit with a student who was texting a friend after midnight on a school night, or stayed up late to finish watching a show on the television. According to Time Magazine, 68% of kids sleep with their cell phones next to their beds.

Children’s brains grow until they are about 21 and the impact of consistent loss of sleep is proving to lead to many problems as they get older. Some scientists think a consistent loss of sleep will cause permanent changes to the child’s brain structure. Through the research, MRIs have shown that tired children cannot remember what they have just learned, and they tend to be more inattentive in class. Their fidgeting is their bodies’ way of trying to keep them engaged. More children have televisions in their rooms, and are up late watching the many options provided by cable and satellite vendors. 

As a parent I struggle with setting consistent bedtimes, but I know that I should. We also strive to limit the distractions of television or cell phones. Doing these few things at an early age will help ensure proper brain development. Ensuring that your child/children get adequate sleep should be a priority. It is a proactive way to help your child be more successful in school and avoid slipping into a more depressive state. We all want our children to have good self-esteem. Getting at least eight hours of sleep nightly is a great way to help them do better in school and think more positively of themselves.


Mike Perry, Ed.D


Elementary News

Hello All - 

We are in the trenches of our 3rd and final trimester!  The start of the last trimester and the excitement of spring have brought upon us some new challenges.  We have seen our attendance slide a bit this month.  We are in the final push for the 2020-2021 school year and your students' attendance is very important to their academic achievement.  Please help us finish STRONG!  We also have the Smarter Balance (SBAC) test coming for 3rd-6th grade.  We will be taking our time with this test in order to get our most optimal results.  We will have a two week window for the test, but students WILL NOT be testing for 2 weeks.  Your classroom teacher will provide you with a testing schedule.  


I realize that next year’s class assignment is a “hot topic” for students and parents/guardians.  I would like to remind you of the process of assigning your child’s next year's teacher.  Arlee Elementary teachers consider many aspects when placing students (class size, relationships, learning styles, etc).  

  1. Your child’s class assignment will be mailed home approximately by May 1st.  

  2. If you would like to change your child’s classroom teacher you need to write a formal written request before June 1st.  Requests will not be guaranteed, but will be considered by the principal and grade level teachers. 

  3. Classroom lists are finalized June 1st and can only be changed by the building administrator.  


Friday, April 2nd SCHOOL DAY!  Early dismissal at 1:45 pm

April 5th - 9th SPRING BREAK!  No school


April 19th - April 22nd SBAC TESTING WINDOW (Grades 3-6)

April 26th - April 29th SBAC TESTING WINDOW (Grades 3-6)

Please stay safe and healthy!

  • Principal Anne Tanner

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We get to have a (Socially Distant) Book Fair!!!

  • When: Monday 3/29-Thursday 4/1.

* 8:00-4:00

  • Where: 3-6 Elementary Commons Room.

Library / Scholastic Book Fair


3rd grade has been a wondrous year, the growth that the students have shown is incredibly exciting. The year has flown by despite the challenges presented for teaching and learning during a pandemic. I am very proud of how hard my class works and their dedication to learning new things daily. This is my article of thanks.

A special thank you to Buck Morigeau for sharing his knowledge and experiences of living without modern luxuries. The staff and students were enthralled by exhibits and stories of his life in the mountains. In 3rd grade, working hard is rewarded with STEM projects and structured play. For Dr. Suess week, we wrapped up the poetry lesson with the creation of “Oobleck.” 

Thank you to the Rotary Club of Polson for gifting every third grader with a dictionary. We use them weekly with our reading vocabulary. Students highlight the word in the dictionary and then write on their assignment the page number they found the word and the part of speech. It is easily one of the class’s favorite tasks. 

Also, thank you to Michelle Wieler our “Tec Guru” for taking the time to teach my class how to Code. ( and So many students were enthusiastic about computer technology and math after they were able to see how it works firsthand. 

Reminder to all, quiz your 3rd grader on multiplication facts! I think you will be happy to see how many of them already have them memorized to 12!! We will continue to set goals and meet them with gusto. – Ms. Pier

Junior High/High School News

Dear Arlee Parents and Guardians - 

We have entered into the last quarter of the 2020/2021 school year. Please continually reach out to teachers to see how your child is doing. You can quickly get updates on their grades through the parent portal app and be alerted anytime they are tardy or absent. You should check it out.  Let’s finish strong Arlee!

Please check that your kids are dressed appropriately for school. Warm days tend to cause students to wear less and less. As a reminder, clothing  should not be a distraction from learning. Please do not let your child wear clothing that is too revealing as they will have to change or be brought clothing by you to attend classes.   

Class registration is getting close. We are rebuilding the previous schedule with hopes of offering more options for classes. Please sit down and have a conversation about what your kid might want to do later in life. This will help students to discuss future plans with teachers and counselors on what classes to take to get into the future program they desire.  Look to the website later this month for further details. 

The Junior High has started track! If your child is still interested, it is not too late. Contact us and we will get your kid running or throwing as quickly as possible. 

Don't forget about the Archery Club!  This is a great opportunity for kids and can lead to scholarships and the chance to win a bow! The club will be meeting the following dates:

March 23 & 25 (Tuesday - Thursday)

March 29 & April 1 (Tuesday - Thursday)

April 6 & 8 (Tuesday - Thursday)

April 9th Friday - TOURNAMENT 5:00 pm till finished.

Lastly, Spring Break will be the week of the 5th through the 9th. Enjoy that time with your family and get outside. 


As always, Val, Jamie and I are here for any questions or concerns.  Please call us at 726-3216 (ext. 2404 for Jamie, ext. 2301 Val or ext. 2300 Mr. Beckham). We are here to help!

Stay healthy and safe!

Mr. Beckham

AHS Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance for Quarter 3


Straight A's:

Rheid Crawford, Colt Crawford, Jerny Crawford, Xavier DeFrance, Grace Dougherty-Brazill, Kiya Ironshell, Xaria Jacobson, Harli Kinney, Drew Knoll, Titanya Lapahie, Kendall O'Neill, Fancee Oldperson, Isabelle Pape, Jack Rodeghiero, Dallas Swab, Meghan Upton.


High Honor Roll - 3.7 and above:

Juniors - Noel Johnson, Levi Sween.

Sophomores - Trinity Falkenstein

Freshmen - Kinika Bartell, Kailee Scott


Regular Honor Roll - 3.3 - 3.69:

Seniors - Halle Adams, Micah Johnson, Grayson Roan, Sara Schall, Tom Tanner

Juniors - McKirah Fisher, RJ Knoll, Michael Shourds

Sophomores - Princess Bolen, Charley Crawford, Karli Doerr, McKaryss Fisher, Raven Parson

Freshmen - Michaela Buck, Ethan Fiddler, Garrison Hinther, Adalyn Jacobson


Perfect Attendance for Qtr. 3: 

Seniors - Colt Crawford, Isabelle Pape

Juniors - Noel Johnson, Tyrel Thomas

Sophomores - Princess Bolen, JT Fuss, Xaria Jacobson, Larenz Smallboy

Freshmen - Adalyn Jacobson, Matt Johnson, Edwin Koetter, Kendall O'Neill, Jack Rodeghiero, Trent Rutherford, Taeo Weaver-Belcourt


Perfect Attendance for Entire School Year:

Colt Crawford



Grants Office

The annual Title VI presentation to the Indian Education Committee will happen at the April IEC meeting, on April 28 at 6:30 pm via zoom. Open to the public. Check IEC materials for a zoom meeting link.