JH/HS School News

Dear Arlee Parents and Guardians - 

Just like that, the first quarter of school is now over. Parent teacher conferences are scheduled for the JH/HS starting November 8th and continuing through November 18th. Please reach out to your child’s teachers to schedule a time to meet with them. 

The Junior High is going to have the majority of staff at the Junior High School from 8am until noon on Friday, November 12th for Parent teacher conferences. Again, you can schedule with staff from the 8th through the 18th but this would be a great opportunity to see most of your child’s Junior High teachers in one setting.

Boys’ Basketball started at the Junior High. High School Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball will have their first practice on November 18th.  This means eligibility is a must for those players wanting to participate. Please check your child's grades as often as possible to help keep them eligible to play. If you do not have the infinite campus app to give you real time updates on your child’s grades, I would encourage you to get it. 

If you are having difficulty finding your child’s grades, please visit our website (www.arleeschools.org). You will be able to find the link to Infinite Campus there, your child's teachers’ emails,  and contact information for the IT department. They are here to help with all your technical difficulties including getting you set up with the App mentioned above.   

Winter is coming! Please make sure your kiddo is dressed appropriately for the weather. Sometimes they forget to check to see what the day will look like. If you are having trouble getting appropriate winter clothing for them, please reach out to us so that we can help. We are all in this together. 

Important dates this month:

  • Midterm for 2nd quarter will be December 2nd (ELIGIBILITY CHECK)

  • Thanksgiving Break will be November 24th through the 28th

  • First Day of Wrestling and Basketball Practice is November 18th

  • School Scheduled Activities

    • November 10th….8th graders go to the U of M for a college Visit.

    • Missoula Children's Theater will be performing Johnny Apple Seed at @ 7pm in the old gymnasium on November 20th.


As always, Val, Jamie and I are here for any questions or concerns.  Please call us at 726-3216 (ext. 2404 for Jamie, ext. 2301 Val or ext. 2300 for Mr. Beckham). We are here to help!

Stay healthy and safe!

Mr. Beckham