Dear Arlee Parents and Guardians - 

If anyone is interested in taking Driver Education next summer, please go to the school website for Driver Education and fill out the form. By filling out the form it will ensure that Ms. Carney knows you are interested and will follow up with you.

Finals week for the High School will be January 10th through the 13th. There will be a modified schedule for Wednesday the 12th and Thursday 13th for the high school students. Buses will run at normal times. That schedule is as follows:


Wednesday 1/12/2022

Thursday 1/13/2022

1st Period 8:00-9:50

4th Period 8:00-9:50



2nd Period 10:00-11:50

5th Period 10:00-11:50



3rd Period 12:50-2:40

6th Period 12:50-2:40

Make-Up Time 2:45-4:05

Make-Up Time 2:45-4:05

***If the student has a class without a final, such as being a teacher's aid, they may be called out by the parent/guardian and leave school. The parent/guardian must call prior to the student leaving. If you have any further questions, please contact me on my cell: (406)210-3693.

We will be having our second Golden Opportunity Day (GO Day) on Thursday, January 20th. We will be piloting this for the Junior High as well. If a student has a D or F (less than 70%) in any class, for either the Quarter or Semester grade, that student will receive a GO Day Report Card and WILL be required to attend school on GO Day.  If a student does not have any D’s or F’s, (All grades C or higher) then that student WILL NOT be required to attend school on GO Day, but is welcome to do so if they choose. Reports will be emailed to students and parents two days before the GO Day.  The GO day will not hurt any students' perfect attendance. 

Do you have the Parent Portal app to check your students' grades quickly and easily? The app is simple to use and can even notify you when your child’s grades drop below what you deem acceptable. It will also let you know when your child is tardy or skipping class. For further assistance see our website or contact the tech department. ( You can also call them at 726-3216, ext. 2411 or 2400.  

Winter is here! Please make sure your kiddo is dressed appropriately for the weather. Sometimes they forget to check to see what the day will look like. If you are having trouble getting appropriate winter clothing for them, please reach out to us so that we can help. We are all in this together. 

Important dates this month:

  • End of first semester will be January 13th (ELIGIBILITY CHECK)

    • HS FINALS January 12th & January 13th

  • Martin Luther King Day is January 17th (No School)

  • School Scheduled Activities

    • Weds., Jan. 5 - First Wednesday of the month.  Early out at 2 PM.

    • Thursday, Jan. 20th GO Day for both the HS and JH. Please see the school “news” on the website for more information. 

As always, Val, Jamie and I are here for any questions or concerns.  Please call us at 726-3216 (ext. 2404 for Jamie, ext. 2301 Val or ext. 2300 Mr. Beckham). We are here to help!

Stay healthy and safe!

Mr. Beckham